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Issues provides an unrivalled forum for contemporary public debate. Each quarterly edition is devoted to a single topic, providing extensive background information and opinions drawn from a variety of perspectives on themes of scientific, environmental, medical, legal, social and political significance.

Nowhere else can topics like population, animal welfare, food security, bioethics, mental health and climate change adaptation be discussed and debated in such depth in one convenient compendium, making Issues an invaluable resource for professionals, educators, students and the general public.


CMYK or grayscale files can be provided on CD as PDF or TIF files, or emailed to as PDF or JPG files. TIF and JPG files must be at 300 dpi at the size booked.
Trim size: 280 x 210mm
Bleed Size: 290 x 215mm


Advertising deadlines are 5 weeks prior to the month of publication. Materials must be received by this time.


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Colour cover page: $900
(OBC only: 280 H x 210 mm W)

Mono double page spread: $900
(280 H x 420 mm W)

Mono single page: $600
(280 H x 210 mm W)

Mono 1/2 page horizontal: $400
(112 H x 155 mm W)

Mono 1/2 page vertical: $400
(224 H x 75 mm W)

Mono 1/4 page horizontal: $300
(55 H x 155 mm W)

Mono 1/4 page vertical: $300
(110 H x 75 mm W)

Inserts: POA
(single page 280 H x 210 mm W)


Advertisements appear on all pages viewed. Prices quoted are per 1000 page impressions (CPM).

Top Banner: $20 CPM
90 px H x 728 px W

Tall Rectangle Beneath Cover: $15 CPM
600 px H x 160 px W

Small Rectangle Beneath Cover: $15 CPM
250 px H x 300 px W
400 px H x 240 px W

Top Right Box: $15 CPM
90 px H x 276 px W


There is a 10% discount for two consecutive print bookings of the same size.

There is a 20% discount for concurrent bookings with Australasian Science.

*Prices include GST.