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Megatrends: Preparing for a Ripe Old Age

By Stefan Hajkowicz

How is the world ageing, and what challenges does this create? Ageing populations is one of the six global megatrends identified in CSIRO’s report Our Future World 2012.

An academic friend of mine told me that getting old isn’t a problem. You’ve only got one option. That’s to get old. But choosing where to go for your next holiday is a problem. You’ve got lots of options.

There is much truth in this observation, and I frequently recount it in my lectures on decision theory. But while old age is inevitable, as individuals and as a society, we have many options about how we age.

The Longevity Revolution: The Need to Develop a Culture of Care

By Ina Voelcker, Louise Plouffe, Silvia M.M. Costa and Alexandre Kalache

International Longevity Centre Brazil

Increasing longevity is one of the benefits of a modern age, but with it comes the responsibility to properly care for our ageing citizens.