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Disasters – Yesterday’s Salinity Issue: Grist or Grit for the Science Integration Mill?

Issues 78: Disasters

Issues 78: Disasters

By Richard Price

As salinity researchers have learnt, many funding programs in science move at speeds and in trajectories that leave the performers of science in their wake, with integration the last hope for survival.

In 2007, Issues published an article on the threat of salinity by hydrogeologist and good friend Dr Ken Lawrie. He outlined the nature and causes of salinity, its then current and projected manifestations, and the great strides that had been made in developing and implementing solutions to what was once viewed as an enormous economic and environmental threat.

Satellites, Climate and Extreme Events

By Alexander Held

Data from satellites is essential to Australia’s monitoring, forecasting and long-term planning for both weather and climate.

Australia is one of the top users of satellite data worldwide. Even though Australians don’t own or operate any “Earth-observing” or “global positioning or navigation” satellites, this data has been widely embraced ever since the first such satellites were launched in the 1970s. The total area we regularly map and monitor from space has been estimated as close to one-eighth of the Earth’s surface.