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Biofuels or Food? Equity and Morality in Food and Technology

By Lindsay Falvey

Lindsay Falvey discusses the concepts of equity and morality in relation to food technologies such as biofuels.

Community concern about food ranges from food safety at home to the world’s undernourished. This diverse context for our technology is further compounded by wealth and knowledge.

Crop crisis: Why global grain demand will outstrip supply

By Deepak Ray

An analysis finds that agricultural production is not keeping up with the demand for food by the world's growing population, as well as other needs such as biofuels.

Since the time of Malthus, humanity has worried whether there would be enough food to feed the growing population. Such fears were always overcome and doomsayers all proven wrong: there was always more land to grow our crops when existing croplands failed to deliver, and new ways to get more yield from old crops.