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Forests and Food: Harvesting the Low-Hanging Fruit

By Frances Seymour

Forests have an important role in ensuring food security for hundreds of millions of rural households and the global community. The goods and services that forests contribute to human nutrition and agricultural sustainability deserve greater recognition in the food security debate.

More than a billion of the world’s poorest people depend on forests for some portion of their daily subsistence and livelihood. Foods gathered from the forest provide an important source of nutrition, while sale of forest products provides a source of cash income with which to buy food.

Bioenergy a burning question for Tasmania's forests

By Stewart Williams and Russell Warman

With Australia trying to meet renewable energy targets and reduce emissions wherever possible, we should be considering bioenergy.

Bioenergy can be made by burning biomass in a variety of forms, including agricultural by-products such as rice husks, poppy seeds, sugarcane waste and manure. It can also be made from forestry by-products such as sawmill and wood wastes.