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The centenary edition of Issues coincides with the centennial year of Australia’s Antarctic expeditions. From the first Australian explorers to the people who work there today, Antarctica presents unique challenges. Find out about Antarctic medicine, polar shipping, weather forecasting, environmental surveys and remediation, and relive some history of this wild southern continent in Issues 100.
From the Australasian Antarctic Expedition to today’s Antarctic research program, Australia’s role in Antarctic science has been significant, although not always stable.
Arising from sovereign claims to the world’s southernmost continent, the “Antarctic Problem” was resolved to become a treaty founded on peace, cooperation, non-nuclearisation and free exchange of scientific results.
A weather forecast is never a guarantee, but activities in the unforgiving Antarctic environment become much more risky without one.
Telemedicine and evacuation support are critical supplements to the expertise of Antarctic physicians, while medical research continues to provide an invaluable evidence base.
Living at Antarctica’s Concordia Station, buried deep within the world’s worst winter, this year’s winter crew station doctor has time to appreciate where Antarctic medicine has come in the past 100 years.
It’s an unavoidable truth: wherever there are people there is poo. Approaches to the disposal and handling of sewage and wastewater depend on where you are. In Antarctica there are numerous challenges for sewage disposal.
The Arctic and Antarctic often conjure images of pristine expanses of ice and snow, with unique flora and fauna. The unfortunate reality is not nearly as romantic: amid the rare wildlife and extreme conditions, human activities have left a legacy of contamination.
Mawson’s Huts are a reminder of the most significant scientific expeditions of the Antarctic’s heroic area. The main base for 2 years of Mawson’s Australasian Antarctic Expedition, the main hut has survived a century of assault from the fiercest blizzards – but only just.
In the 100 years between 1911 and 2011 there have been vast technological changes in the naval architecture of polar shipping.
When Ernest Shackleton is your role model, what better way to honour him than to follow in his footsteps – and beyond – across the South Pole? Jo Davies will do just that in the centenary year of the Endurance Expedition.
UK explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is taking on one of the world’s most hostile environments and last remaining polar challenges by attempting to cross Antarctica in winter - the coldest journey on Earth.
Antarctica may be on the limits of habitability, yet the interest in mining and exploitation is growing.
A 20-year strategic plan for Australia’s Antarctic future will need to consider how best to plan for the replacement of the nation's ageing Antarctic infrastructure.
Despite rising costs, the government this year handed an 8% budget cut to the Australian Antarctic Division.
Russia has blocked the approval of new marine protected areas in the Antarctic, demanding more scientific information and a definition of marine protected areas.
A small slice of Antarctica turns up along your coastline each year.
Achieving consensus on four proposals for marine protected areas in Antarctica will not be easy.