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Issues Magazine 104

An overview of what's in this edition of Issues.
Increasing population and consumption are placing unprecedented demands on agriculture and natural resources across the planet, but five strategies might just let us attain a food-secure and environmentally-secure world by the middle of the century.
With wilderness areas across the globe rapidly disappearing, Australia’s outback remains one of the last great natural places on Earth. How do we manage our wild lands into the future?
Access to clean water, its use on arable land and the damage it does during extreme weather are the big challenges for today’s water management.
How is the world ageing, and what challenges does this create? Ageing populations is one of the six global megatrends identified in CSIRO’s report Our Future World 2012.
Asia is currently home to four billion people and looms large in any consideration of global population.
Three trends in world energy, and the way they play out over the next 50 years, will shape the boundaries of our civilisation.
As global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions continues to stall, can engineering the climate provide a feasible solution to climate change?
The legacy of two historical megatrends – the industrial revolution and the Enlightenment – is another megatrend: the emerging crisis in the supply of humanity's key resources.
A surprisingly small number of major trends are serving as primary drivers of the world today. Two of these are new, and two more have not yet been properly defined, but all are remarkable in their impact.
Powerful forces – some of them megatrends in their own right – are pulling privacy in different directions.
Smart software and hardware may be able to solve some of the future’s most challenging problems, but not without risks.
Emerging digital technologies are transforming consumer cultures, but many consumers overlook the restrictions on the use and ownership of content they have created.
Drones have become the new weapon of choice for animal rights activists in their war on animal cruelty.