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Issues Magazine 82

An overview of what's in this edition of Issues.
Polarised opinion is common when science and religion meet, as evident in debates about intelligent design and reproductive technologies. Six Australians from the scientific and religious communities offer some useful insights.
Questions and interpretation are coloured by the social and conceptual contexts of daily life. The pursuit of hard facts doesn’t have to blind science to the big picture.
Why does the evolution–creation debate persist, and why in America? This article looks at the reasons and finds them – where else? – in the past.
More biology students are entering university with entrenched beliefs about creation after attending a growing number of small religious schools that teach the biblical account in science classes.
Who and where we are, and where we might be going, are questions that have excited many explorations by both scientists and spiritualists.
Can science be reconciled with the Dreamings of Australia’s many Aboriginal communities? How could both science and the Dreaming inform knowing and managing Australia’s landscapes?
Robert Thurman seeks the ultimate answers on evolution, entropy and other universal matters.
Modern science is often interpreted as having left no room for God and made the idea of purpose as nonsensical. A careful consideration of both science and theology demonstrates that this not the case.
Edward Fackerell explains the astonishing improbability of the universe and its interpretations.
Considered as an entity, “science and spirituality” in education has the potential to increase student motivation to study science by challenging students’ stereotypical views of scientists and science.
Faculty leaders in schools who encourage opportunities for teachers to engage in curriculum change also create experiences of connectedness that have the potential to enable teachers to explore and/or nurture their own spiritual dimension.
There is a moral reality as well as a physical and mathematical reality underlying the world and the universe.