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Navel gazing: healthy gut bacteria can help you stress less

By Chelsie Elise Rohrscheib

New evidence indicates that the microbial community in our gut has a huge effect on brain function.

Striking new evidence indicates that the gut microbiome, the ecological community of microorganisms that share our body, has a huge effect on brain function – much larger than we thought.

It has long been established that our gut acts as a second nervous system and is capable of functioning without input from the brain.

Program for Student Mental Health

Issues 80: Mental Health

Issues 80: Mental Health

By beyondblue

In October 2012 the Australian government announced it will send mental health specialists into secondary schools in the aftermath of a student suicide.

beyondblue CEO Kate Carnell AO said the $20 million policy will save many lives as the teams identify warning signs and prevent copycat suicides.

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Tackling Depression in Deadly Style

By Julie Foster

A unique team of artists has been promoting self-expression through movement, music and art in Aboriginal communities around Australia.

Getting messages about depression and anxiety to young people is a challenge being met by combining these messages with engaging activities. beyondblue, through its youth arm, Youthbeyondblue, is proactively engaging and informing indigenous communities about depression and anxiety by staging “hip hop” workshops and other events in partnership with communities and health services (see box, p.42).

About Indigenous Hip Hop Projects