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Superbug Resistance to Antimicrobial Nanosilver

A group of widely-occurring bacteria has been able to overcome the antimicrobial activity of nanosilver upon prolonged exposure.

We are and always have been at constant war against pathogens, not only in extreme situations such as epidemics but also on a daily basis. Along the way we have encountered a vast number of antimicrobial agents, each with unique target microorganisms and potency. These antimicrobials range from natural forms of disinfectant, such as moulds and plant extracts, to more sophisticated engineered chemicals including antiviral drugs.

Gut harmony: Why the right mix of microbes is important to our health

By Dyani Lewis

University of Melbourne

In this podcast, microbial ecologist Prof Rob Knight explains why we need the millions of microbes that make a home in and on our bodies.