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Five Major Trends

By Mark R. Anderson

A surprisingly small number of major trends are serving as primary drivers of the world today. Two of these are new, and two more have not yet been properly defined, but all are remarkable in their impact.

Privacy vs Lunacy: More Destruction, Lower Cost

One of the great, and perhaps most tragic, trends driving world events today is the increasing ability of the small and misguided to create ever larger amounts of destruction and death. While many people focus on the appropriately frightening spread of nuclear weapons, this is only the tip of the techno-terror iceberg, as many recent events have proven.

Never before have so few been able to kill so many. We have now also crossed a line beyond which we will never, as a species, return.


By Sally Woollett

Australia’s underground wealth includes coal, oil, gas, metals and groundwater. How do we use them and should we be exploiting them? How safe it is to tap into them and what if we run out? Further afield, mining has implications for one of the world’s major fisheries and for stability in an already fragile country. Find out more in Issues 99.

The month of May saw the CEO of Linc Energy, Peter Bond, dash across Australia in a jet powered by fuel from Linc Energy’s underground coal gasification demonstration plant in Chinchilla, south-west Queensland (p.4). Linc Energy’s business is in underground coal gasification and gas-to-liquids processes, and its aims are cleaner fuel production and power generation.