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Five Major Trends

By Mark R. Anderson

A surprisingly small number of major trends are serving as primary drivers of the world today. Two of these are new, and two more have not yet been properly defined, but all are remarkable in their impact.

Privacy vs Lunacy: More Destruction, Lower Cost

One of the great, and perhaps most tragic, trends driving world events today is the increasing ability of the small and misguided to create ever larger amounts of destruction and death. While many people focus on the appropriately frightening spread of nuclear weapons, this is only the tip of the techno-terror iceberg, as many recent events have proven.

Never before have so few been able to kill so many. We have now also crossed a line beyond which we will never, as a species, return.

Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Valuable Assets

By Joanna Jones

The first step to protecting your creative and intellectual effort is to identify and classify your intellectual property to determine the most appropriate way to protect it.

Broadly speaking, intellectual property (IP) is a term for a group of rights provided for by law that affords protection for “creative and intellectual effort”. Intellectual property rights fall into two primary categories: registrable and non-registrable rights.

Sustainable Productivity: Options for a World Running out of Resources

By Ian A. Maxwell

The legacy of two historical megatrends – the industrial revolution and the Enlightenment – is another megatrend: the emerging crisis in the supply of humanity's key resources.

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting through a seminar given by former US Vice-President Al Gore in which he outlined the categories of challenges facing humans. Gore is a student of history, and he believes that while humans have always faced challenges, the enormity of the situation facing us today is unprecedented because our very existence on this planet is potentially under threat – and that this threat is of our own doing.

Scientific Innovation in Australia

By John Cusick

Australians can be proud of inventions like the Victa lawn mower and the cochlear implant, but how does our scientific innovation fare in a global sense? Changes to Australian patent law aim to help researchers and innovators achieve success in their own country.

In broad terms, scientific innovation in Australia depends on a strong scientific research community and the development of new ideas that can be commercially exploited. A key factor to scientific innovations is the ability for scientists to make money from their research so that they can conduct further research and development.